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Experienced Family-owned and Operated Residential Roofing Company Seattle, WA

Your home has everything that matters most in life, so when it comes to finding the right residential roof contractors, you want to find one who will treat your home as they would their own.

Casabella Roofing has a well-respected reputation, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on experience that spans more than 20 years. We are known as the Seattle’s premier roofing specialists, with good reason. Whether doing a roof repair or cleaning, our contractors never skimp on quality. Plus, Casabella Roofing uses the best architectural roofing shingles for every job. Your roof will be secure and durable after we work on it.

Are you ready to have a new residential roof installed? Maybe it’s time for a roof replacement instead of endless roof repairs. We’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Types of Residential Roofs We Install

Casabella Roofing has worked with many types of roofing materials throughout the past two decades. Here are the most popular types of residential roofs in the area:

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles have become the roofing of choice for homeowners because of their affordability and durability. While all asphalt shingles are reliable, there are different variations available: three-tab, architectural, and luxury shingles all have their own unique qualities.

Cedar Roofs

Cedar roofs offer more than just a pretty aesthetic. They are incredibly resilient and reliable, lasting longer than other roofing materials. If you’re looking for an upgrade that will add beauty to your home while increasing its resiliency and safety, cedar is a great option!

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials on the market. It stands up better to extreme weather conditions compared to other roofing types, meaning you won’t have to make costly repairs or replacements as often. Metal roofs are also 100% recyclable, so you can rest assured knowing your home will be eco-friendly for years to come.

Choose Casabella Roofing as Your Residential Roofing Company

After decades of experience working throughout the area, Casabella Roofing has earned ourselves a reputation of being one of the most reliable Seattle roofing businesses. This is because we care about the quality of our work and stand by what we do with amazing warranties. We also are always just a phone call away and are here to work with you on any type of roofing problem that comes your way. This is our community and we want to serve it well.

Drone Roof Estimates

Every residential roofing job starts with a thorough estimate. Without an estimate, we wouldn’t be able to make an accurate assessment of what your roof needs. We use drone technology to evaluate roofs to ensure that we lay eyes on every part of your home and no part of your roof is missed.

Roof Installation, Replacement, and Repair

Whether you need a roof replacement, repair, or an estimate, Casabella Roofing has got you covered. We take pride in providing our customers with quality workmanship that stands the test of time. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about all types of residential roofs and can help to ensure that your home is properly protected against the elements.

We understand that a safe, secure, and reliable home is one that you can be proud to call your own. With over 20 years of serving the greater Seattle community with residential roofing needs, Casabella Roofing is confident in our ability to provide you with the best roofing solutions in the area. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!