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What Will I Pay for a Roof Repair in Seattle?

Seattle residents often suffer through strong windstorms, including ones with hurricane-force winds. Structural damage during these storms can occur, mostly from falling trees. Damage occurs at wind speeds as low as 32 mph and destroys wood frame structures at speeds around 100 mph. Many of these windstorms are reported as happening in wintertime.

What happens if your home is among those which had damage occur? Where do you turn? What can you do? How much will a roof repair cost in Seattle?

Casabella Roofing in Seattle is the roofing company to turn to when damages occur. It will cost approximately $450 minimum to fix and repair a damaged roof. The best course of action is to contact them at (425)269-4054 and ask their roofing professionals to come to your home and assess the damage and do a free inspection. It is best to know what you are dealing with before going forward.

Here are some common roofing repairs for those in the Seattle area.

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Roof Leaks

This is one of the most challenging repairs to be fixed. At times, we don’t know we have issues until we hear the constant dripping of water droplets during a peaceful quiet evening. Or perhaps you have noticed discoloration on the ceilings and walls of your home. Make sure you attend to those leaks as soon as you notice them! If you wait, more damage can occur. Here are some common areas for leaks:

  • Flashings – this is the area around pipes, chimneys, or vents
  • Joints – this could be an area where two or more sloped sections of the roof meet
  • Missing or broken shingles – this could happen from violent winds

UV Rays

The sun’s warmth can feel so welcoming during the summer months, but those UV rays can cause damage to the surface of your home. This is especially true if you have asphalt shingles. The rays can cause the shingles to become brittle, dry, and even blister. Shingles can become loose, and the possibility of losing them increases. 

Overhanging Trees

Trees offer amazing benefits to a property! Shade, homes for animals, and a fun place for kids to play. However, long-extending branches can break off and damage the surface of your roof. Please evaluate the nearby trees and determine if branches and limbs should be trimmed. If you have concerns about completing this task, contact a professional for assistance.

Ice and Snow

roof repair cost, Seattle

Winter is going to happen. Nothing we can do about it but prepare. It is necessary to have an inspection at least twice a year to ensure the gutter system is working efficiently, and the roofing system is strong enough to sustain the upcoming piling snow. Icicles may be pretty to look at in paintings, but having them over your front door is an indication of melting and refreezing water on your roof. Please have your roof inspected, and have the ice dams removed so further damage can be eliminated.

Here is a short list of other areas ways damage can occur to your roofing system: 

  • Insects
  • Wildlife and birds’ nests
  • Broken or clogged gutters
  • Poorly ventilated attic
  • Lack of proper maintenance

    If you notice or suspect any of these areas of damage on your roof, call the professionals at Casabella Roofing! We have over 20 years of experience, complete with a well-respected reputation, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on experience. We are known as the area’s premier roofing specialists and for good reason! We treat each home as if it were our own. We strive for quality, honesty, and a reasonable price – all the things we would hope for in a company. 

    Call today for a free inspection. Take the first step to fix the damage to your home.