6 Warning Signs Your Roof Is Failing

Whether you are a homeowner or property manager, it is important to have a leak-free and solid roof that guarantees safety and a healthy living environment. However, most people spend little time thinking about their homes’ roofs, and this can cause significant problems in the long run. Besides, neglecting your roof would lead to costly repairs, especially a leaking rooftop that can entirely ruin your home and safety.

Keeping a watchful eye on your roof’s condition is one way to effectively protect your possessions, equipment, and inventory. This means identifying warning signs that it is time to repair or replace your roof. Although most roofs are meant to last 20-30 years, it doesn’t denote that they might not fail when least expected. Hence, check for leaks, worn-out parts, or damaged sections to understand whether your home’s roof is failing or requires simple fixes.

That said, here are six warning signs that your roof is failing.

The Roof Is Old

Typically, roofs have lifespans of between 20 and 30 years. Beyond this period, you might start to notice subtle problems, such as missing shingles or dark/dirty sections of the roof. If your roof is old, it is the sole indicator that your structure has a failing roof. Once you notice elusive signs of an aging roof, it is crucial to call a roof replacement expert to inspect and determine how much life it has before replacing it.

Missing Or Loose Shingles

Over time, multiple shingles may come loose and fall off, and you can replace them hassle-free. But if you have a couple of shingles completely missing, curling, or damaged, it is a clear sign to call an expert. Shingles can be damaged by a storm, blistering heat, thermal heat, or UV rays. Old roofs can also make your shingles wobbly and fall off. Cracked, ripped, and torn shingles are also an indicator of a failing roof.

Granules In The Gutter

When installing a new asphalt shingle roof, you will likely see granules in the gutter. This is normal as these are loose or extra granules that shed off. But if it’s 10-15 years down the line, finding granules in your gutter suggests a bigger problem with your roof. Granules play a vital role in protecting the asphalt against the sun’s harmful rays. Once they begin to fall off, shingles will start to bake and eventually deteriorate.

Leaks Or Wet Spots In Your Home Or Attic

Your roof is designed to protect you against extreme weather conditions and other elements. But once you notice water leaks or wet spots, it is a sign that your roof is failing. Water leaks can cause significant damage to your property, ranging from structural damage to the growth of deadly mold and fungus. Immediately you see leaks or water damage in your home or attic; it is a sign that multiple shingles are loose or missing.

Sagging Roof

Snow and ice buildup on your roof can make it sag, primarily when it is old or damaged. Sagging makes the rooftop weak and unreliable to sustain the weight of additional ice or snow if the weather becomes severe. If you see sagging of your roof, it is ideal to contact a roofing expert to inspect and prevent further damage to your property.

Visible Damages To Roofing Materials

Sometimes, you can quickly notice visible damage on your roof that signifies it is failing. Broken or discolored shingles are likely to allow water to seep through the underlayment and into your home. Water leaks can lead to mold growth, attic discoloration, and structural damage. If there is a lot of visible damage, calling a roofing contractor is essential to inspect your roof and resolve the issue promptly.

Call The Professional Roofers

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